What Causes Asthma?

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What causes asthma? Scientists aren't exactly sure.

There are, however, a few prevailing theories. Scientists generally agree that the following risk factors contribute to the development of asthma.


If your relatives have asthma, then there is a greater chance that you will develop the disease. Asthma, like many other chronic diseases, tends to run in the family. So if you see your sister, parent, or even grandparent reaching for an inhaler, then you might want to take another look at your own breathing patterns.

Pollution & Allergies

People who are exposed to airborne pollution or irritants have an increased likelihood of developing asthma. This could be due to damage to the lungs as they develop. Similarly, there is a strong correlation between asthma and allergies. Over 25% of people with hay fever also have asthma.

People who work with more corrosive materials, such as cleaning products, are also significantly more likely to develop COPD or asthma. Smoking is equally bad for the lungs and can lead to COPD or asthma later in life.

If you have a child, make sure to keep them away from smoke and other pollutants. Children that grow up near pollutants have a higher likelihood of developing asthma.


There is also a possible link between obesity and asthma. People who are overweight generally have under-expanded lungs, therefore they take smaller breaths making their airways narrower and more prone to irritation.  This correlation is particularly strong in women: 15% of obese women suffer from asthma.

Do you think you might have asthma? Contact your doctor and set up an appointment.

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