Did you know that David Beckham, soccer superstar and worldwide celebrity, has asthma?

It's true! Beckham, who has had asthma his whole life, doesn't let the condition stand in his way. Indeed, Beckham says that it inspires him to achieve greater heights.

As Beckham's agent, Simon Oliveira, said:

"David has suffered with this since he was a young boy but it has obviously had no effect on his performance."

That's an understatement. David Beckham has had a career beyond anything most soccer players could dream of. He has achieved league titles in England, Spain, the US and France. He won 19 major trophies across a 20-year career,  and was named runner up for FIFA World Player of the Year ... twice!

Since retiring from soccer in 2013, Beckham has remained in the public eye. He married Victoria Adams (now Victor Beckham) of "Spice Girls" fame, now a fashion superstar in her own right. Beckham has also taken on multiple charitable causes and is a UNICEF UK ambassador.

Beckham makes sure that his asthma is very well controlled. He takes his medication as prescribed and frequently meets with his doctor to discuss symptoms.  By remembering to take his inhaler, Beckham was able to perform at the very heights of his sport.

David Beckham doesn't let asthma get in the way of his success, and neither should you. If you ever miss your asthma or COPD medication, then you may want to check out the Hailie™ sensor for your inhaler. You can learn more about the asthma solution here.

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