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Seniors can get asthma too. 

In fact, developing asthma later in life is pretty common. While asthma is often thought of as a childhood disease, nearly 10% of older adults have the condition.1 And their asthma attacks can be far more dangerous, as seniors have a significantly higher risk of respiratory failure.

If you’re a caregiver for an elderly parent, relative, or friend, you know how important it is for them to manage their asthma.

Here are a few tips to ensure your elderly friends and relatives have the best control over their asthma possible.

Help Them Understand Their Asthma

One of the best ways to support an elderly relative or friend is through education. Help them access information to better understand their asthmawhat triggers their asthma, and how to manage and identify symptoms effectively. Understanding their asthma with help them recognize the importance of their medication.

If your relative or friend has memory problems, you may need to take a more active role in helping them identify, understand, and manage their symptoms. Sit down with them regularly to go over key asthma points.

Regularly Check with Their Doctor

Visiting the doctor regularly is key to successful asthma management. Regular doctor's visits to discuss medication and other options are critical to maintaining healthy habits. Doctors know best when it comes to both medication and asthma treatment. Don't be afraid to share symptoms or ask questions.

If memory or mobility is a problem, then you can help your elderly relative or friend make and keep their doctor appointments.

Manage Medication with the Hailie™ Sensor

Many people, old and young forget to take their asthma medication. In elderly people, forgetting can quickly lead to problems.

Missing doses greatly reduces the impact of asthma medication, which can have unpleasant and sometimes dangerous consequences. 

Because you can’t be with your elderly relative or friend all the time, you may recommend them to try the Hailie™ sensor to better track and manage their prescribed medication. A study2 in adults with asthma demonstrated a 59% increase in preventer medication adherence when used in conjunction with the Hailie™ sensor. 

The Hailie™ sensor will reminds them to take missed doses and inhaler use can be tracked in the Hailie™ app. It's easy to see when they missed their medication, and that information can even be shared with a doctor!

Caring for an elderly relative can be a big responsibility. Use tools like the Hailie sensor to help you make it as simple and stress-free as possible.

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